South Oregon Baseball

On its North-most boundary, South Oregon Babe Ruth consists of the following counties (and all areas South thereof): Benton, Linn, Lane, Klamath, Lake and roughly the Southern "half" of both Harney and Malheur counties. Cities South of, and including Narrows (Harney) Princeton (Harney) and the area just South of Crowley (Malheur) (but not including Crowley) are within South Oregon Babe Ruth's Geographic boundaries. Note that South Oregon Babe Ruth might also take in a tiny portion of Northern California that is just adjacent to Oregon's South border.

Note: If you don't find your city or area listed in the directory (or if the above geographic boundary description is unclear), please call the District Commissioner nearest your location, or the State Commissioner. We look forward to helping you become a part of our Babe Ruth family.

South Oregon Babe Ruth Directory

Note: The various leagues in South Oregon Babe Ruth are listed directly after the name of each District Commissioner. Each district takes in a specific geographic area. Please contact the District Commissioner that is closest to your residence; you will be directed to the particular league in your area. The three programs (age groups) that make up Babe Ruth are: Cal Ripken (5-12 year olds), 13-15 year olds and the 16-18 year olds.

If you don't see your league area represented by a particular age group program, and you would like to start such a Babe Ruth program in your area, please contact the District Commissioner (on next page) nearest your area or the State Commissioner; all will be glad to discuss the possibility of starting such a Babe Ruth league in your area.

The directories are not meant to be exhaustive listings of all individuals in a particular group. For a more complete listing within a group, contact someone within that group.

National (Babe Ruth League, Inc.) (800) 552-1350 or (609) 695-1434;

Fax: (609) 695-2505; website:

  • Ron Tellefen, President/CEO
  • Robert Faherty, Commissioner
  • Marg Caprio (our contact person and the real boss who runs the program)

Pacific Northwest Regional Commissioner

Gord Welbourne
(604) 597-1659; Fax: (604) 597-2291

State Officials

  • State Commissioner: Ron Clack (541) 863-4501
  • State Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Graf (541) 863-4469
  • Prep 13 Commissioner: Alvie Hendricks (541) 839-6358
  • Prep 14 Commissioner: Dan Ratty (541) 779-8177
  • 13-15 Commissioner: TBA
  • Prep 16 and 16-18 Commissioner: Jim Graf (541) 863-3926
  • Asst. State Commissioner for Umpires: TBA
  • Cal Ripken Commissioner: Contact State Commissioner, Ron Clack (541) 863-4501

District One

  • District Commissioner: TBA
  • Assistant District Commissioner: TBA
Crater Lake 16-18 League
Klamath Falls City 13-15 League
Lakeview 13-15 League
Ore/Cal 13-15 League
South Suburban 13-15 League

District Two

District Commissioner: Pee Wee Kelley (541) 673-5651

Josephine County 13-15 League
Roseburg 13-18 League
Umpqua Valley Cal Ripken (12U) and 13-15 League
Willamette Valley Cal Ripken (12U) and 13-15 League

District Three

District Commissioner: Buddy Hacker (541) 756-0389

Assistant District Commissioner: Glenda Hacker (541) 756-0389

South Coast 13-18 League
Brookings/Harbor 13-18 League
Coos Bay Coast Cal Ripken (12U) League
Sunset Cal Ripken (12U) League

District Four

District Commissioner: Shawn Grady (541) 826-2678

Central Point 13-15 League
Etna California 16-18 League
Medford 13-15 League
Mt. Ashland 13-15 League
Phoenix/Talent 13-18 League
Rogue Valley 16-18 League
Upper Rogue 13-18 League